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February 14, 2017 – Dallas, TX - Deryl Dodd will release his latest album, Long Hard Ride on April 21st,2017 re-imagining 13 of his Texas Style Honky Tonk chart toppers as well as a poignant cover of "The Ride', a song made popular by David Allan Coe, written by Gary Gentry and J.B. Detterline Jr. The record features 14 of Dodd’s Texas Music friends taking turns on the songs alongside the veteran singer/songwriter including Roger Creager, Kevin Fowler, Cody Jinks, Pat Green, Randy Rogers, Stoney LaRue, Cody Johnson, Wade Bowen, Larry Joe Taylor, Dave Perez, Bonnie Bishop, William Clark Green, Matt Hillyer and Radney Foster.

“This album is a recreation of songs that I wrote and/or recorded from 1996 to now. The best part of the project is that 14 of my friends and amazing artists are singing with me on each song. This record is about unity and's Texas. It's been one big beautiful collaboration of talented and loving people.”- Deryl Dodd

Dodd’s story has been told many times over. On the brink of a fast ride to the top, in the midst of the 90’s Nashville machine, he was derailed by Viral Encephalitis which quickly took him out of the game for close to 2 years. The record labels waited for his recovery and ultimately his return to the mainstream path they had previously set. However, that’s not how it played out.
Deryl realized that his illness might have saved him from himself. After months of having to re-learn everything about how to make music in every way, he decided Texas is where he belonged and wanted to be. Nashville had been priming Double D (as he is affectionately referred too) as the next big star (Albeit a feisty and staunchly independent contender). As Deryl was writing his own songs and playing instruments on his records, that was considered a vast departure from the way Nashville liked to do things. Texas would give him the freedom to be true to himself. The scene was bursting with independent cohorts who were achieving success without ever leaving the State. That appealed to Dodd. It was, after all, home.

Dodd’s music is pure D country and bonafied Honky Tonk. As an added bonus, It’s always radio friendly.  Not that he specifically writes for radio, it just seems to come out that way. Deryl’s music is timeless, real deal boot scootin’ honky tonk and continues to garner National and International radio play. His songs appeal to the everyday, hardworking, clock punching crowds. At 52, Deryl Dodd’s rugged perspective with a keen hint of soul - surrendering lyrics keep this country music classic.

The first single from Long Hard Ride, “The Ride” was released to Texas Radio and fans in June 2016. The single is still riding in the top 10 tier as of February 2017 on the Texas Regional Radio charts. Deryl’s ability to cover a popular mainstream song and make it his own has been proven before. Case in point – his successful Tom T. Hall single “That’s How I Got to Memphis” which charted on Billboards Hot Country Songs for 20 weeks, peaking at number 36 in early 1997. Don Yates of Country Standard Time called Dodd’s version of the song “impassioned”. Dodd’s Memphis is still a favorite 20 years later, on Spotify and Pandora around the world. The song is a staple in traditional country music playlists. Memphis is included on Long Hard Ride featuring Dodd and long time friend, Radney Foster. 

The release of "The Ride" gave the artist time to get the rest of the album recorded and set up the theme for the record, which is, the music life is a wild ride. It’s art. It’s filled with passion. It’s a way of life. It’s not for the faint of heart. But it’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful ride when you can sustain your passions and make a living at the same time. Dodd made reference to David Allan Coe in his highly acclaimed fan favorite “Things Are Fixin’ To Get Real Good” anthemic song, released in 2003 on the “Live at Billy Bob’s Texas” album. The line says “David Allan Coe was right about a long hard ride, hell you oughta see the little red truck I drive”. “It made perfect sense. The seed was planted to do this record and “The Ride” was the song that served to inspire and power through the project. Sort of like the cheerleader on the side lines.  It was a constant reminder of what the record was about and why we were doing it” Dodd says.

As the idea for the record started to unfold, Dodd asked a few friends in the Texas Music Scene who had embraced his return to Texas and supported his music if they would be interested in being on the record.  The response was overwhelming, and somewhat of a surprise to Dodd. “These artists are busy people and the fact that they took time to do these songs with me because they loved them (each artist chose the song they wanted to do) was just an incredible feeling. To know that these artists wanted to be on this record, to hear them sing my songs is just so beautiful. We have a good thing going down here in Texas.  It’s family. It’s all about connection, not perfection.

The making of Long Hard Ride was an 8 month long process, produced by Deryl. The recording involved several studios, engineers and musicians. The songs were mixed and mastered by Bart Rose at Fort Worth Sound. The record will be released on Dodd’s own record label, Little Red Truck Music and distributed by Tunecore. “This record is the most amazing thing I’ve done in my career to date. Working with these artists, the musicians and all of the people it takes to do something like this was a labor of love.  I wanted this record to be the best it could be. I want these artists to be proud of the songs. I have so much respect for all of these people. This record is about inspiration, unity and keeping the music real.  Cuz that’s what we do here in Texas. The songs might be Deryl Dodd, but the performers make this a Texas record. It’s Country Music with Heart, Soul and a whole lotta Honky Tonk”.

The full length Long Hard Ride record release is set for April 21st, 2017 at Larry Joe Taylor's Music Festival. Digital Pre-orders for the record available on February 14th. The single "She'll Have You Back" featuring Roger Creager will be available EVERYWHERE late February, 2017.

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