Deryl Dodd

 Royse City, Texas  September 29th
 San Angelo, Texas  September 30th
 Mineral Wells, Texas
 October 5th
 Waco, Texas
 October 7th
 Waco, Texas  October 8th

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By Deryl Dodd

1st v

Summer time in the front yard, hosin’ down my old car
Oops I missed and sprayed my little boy
He teams up with Mom to get me back for an all out soap and water attack
And baby girl she cries from all the noise


Well, that's the way we love around here
No holdin’ back no fear
A whole lotta sunshine that'll dry up any tear
What we have is all we need
A real live happy family
I don't know how it's done out there
But, that's the way we love around here

2nd v

Dinner time at the table
We thank God that we're able
No phones or TV while we're here
Night lights and sleepy heads
A story and a prayer and there tucked in bed
Then I take my bride and for awhile we disappear



3rd v

Sunday mornin’ rushin’ round
To hear the Preacher say people slow it down
Baby girls asleep in Mamas arms
Back home gotta roast in the oven
Grandmother's getting grandkids love
And Granddad’s talkin’ bout movin’ back to the farm